The Ultimate List of SEO Blogs

I constantly get asked which SEO blogs are the best to follow. So I thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could go to one place and capture the pulse of the entire SEO community.

After reviewing hundreds of blogs I have created a list of the Top 100+ SEO Blogs. What makes this list unique is that it links to the actual SEO category on each blog (where possible). I also created a specific RSS feed for each SEO category using some 3rd party software. This should cut down on the noise and get you directly to the best SEO posts. Lastly, I compiled all of these blogs into one single master RSS feed.

Simply subscribe to the very first feed below and you will instantly be connected to some of the top minds in the SEO industry. If you want to pick and chose you can click on the RSS icon next to each listing

Blog RSS
Get All 100+ Blogs In a Single Feed Get All 100+ Blogs In a Single Feed (All In One Feed)
aimClear aimClear
Agent SEO Agent SEO
Andy Beard Andy Beard
Big Oak Big Oak
Bing – Webmaster Central Bing - Webmaster Central
Blog Storm Blog Storm
Blue Glass Blue Glass
Blue Hat Blue Hat
Blumenthals Blumenthals
Brandignity Brandignity
BrightEdge BrightEdge
Bruce Clay Bruce Clay
ClickZ ClickZ
Conversation Marketing Conversation Marketing
Cornwall Cornwall
Datadial Blog Datadial Blog
David Naylor David Naylor
distilledSEO distilledSEO
Dream Systems Media Dream Systems Media
Duct Tape Marketing Duct Tape Marketing
Econsultancy Econsultancy
Everett Sizemore Everett Sizemore
Further Further
Get Elastic Get Elastic
Google Webmaster Central Google Webmaster Central
Hobo Hobo
HubSpot HubSpot
Hugo Guzman Hugo Guzman
Internet Marketing Ninjas Internet Marketing Ninjas
Jason Bartholme Jason Bartholme
Justilien Gaspard Justilien Gaspard
Level 343 Level 343
Link Spiel Link Spiel
Linkbuildr Linkbuildr
Linkdex Linkdex
Local SEO Guide Local SEO Guide
LunaMetrics LunaMetrics
Marketing Pilgrim Marketing Pilgrim
Marketingeasy Marketingeasy
Matt Cutts Matt Cutts
Mihmorandum Mihmorandum
Milestone SEO Milestone SEO
Ontolo Ontolo
Outspoken Media Outspoken Media
PageTraffic Buzz PageTraffic Buzz
Pole Position Pole Position
Practical SEO Practical SEO
ProBlogger ProBlogger
Pronet Advertising Pronet Advertising
Raven Tools Raven Tools
Reel SEO Reel SEO
Ross Hudgens Ross Hudgens
SEER Interactive SEER Interactive
SEO 2.0 SEO 2.0
SEO BlackHat SEO BlackHat
SEO Book SEO Book
SEO Chat SEO Chat
SEO Chicks SEO Chicks
SEO Design Solutions SEO Design Solutions
SEO Scientist SEO Scientist
SEO Theory SEO Theory
SEO by the Se SEO by the Se
SEOgadget SEOgadget
SEOmistry SEOmistry
SEOmoz SEOmoz
SEOptimise SEOptimise
Sam Tilston Sam Tilston
Search Concepts Search Concepts
Search Engine Guide Search Engine Guide
Search Engine Journal Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Optimization Journal Search Engine Optimization Journal
Search Engine Roundtable Search Engine Roundtable
Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch
Search Engline Land Search Engline Land
Search News Central Search News Central
Searchbrat Searchbrat
Seo Smarty Seo Smarty
Single Grain Single Grain
Small Business Search Marketing Small Business Search Marketing
Social Media Examiner Social Media Examiner
Social Media Explorer Social Media Explorer
Sphinn | Hot Topics Sphinn | Hot Topics
StayOnSearch StayOnSearch
Strategy Internet Marketing Strategy Internet Marketing
Stuntdubl Stuntdubl
Sugarrae Sugarrae
The Milwaukee SEO The Milwaukee SEO
Tim Peter Tim Peter
Top Rank Blog Top Rank Blog
Vertical Measures Vertical Measures
Vladimir Vladimir
Wiep Knol Wiep Knol
Winning the Web Winning the Web
Wolf Howl Wolf Howl
Yoast Yoast
Yellow Robin Yellow Robin

To make this list I used – which helps you turn any page into an RSS feed. This was helpful for a few blogs that didn’t have a well-defined SEO section. I also found to be the best way to combine multiple RSS feeds into a single feed.

Also, if a blog is running WordPress you can simple put /feed onto the end of the url and it will give you a feed for that specific section or tag. This comes in very handy if you only want specific updates.

I know there are SEO blogs that I simply forgot to include or have not read on a regular basis. Please submit them in the comments. Before you submit make sure they actually write about SEO and not about social media or Internet marketing in general. A link to their specific SEO category would be appreciated. If the blog produces quality content we will add it to the list.

Bookmark this page because we will be adding a ranking system, top post sections, new blogs and more.

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44 Responses to The Ultimate List of SEO Blogs

  1. Wow, great list! Thank you

  2. Good list, but you have missed a couple.

    Blind Five Year Old

    Search Engine People Blog

    State of Search

    SEO Skeptic (mine)


  3. Brian Clark says:

    Great list. We offer a lot of free information about seo copywriting at Copyblogger. In fact, we rank #1 for seo copywriting in Google. ;-)

    • Yellow Robin says:

      Hey Brian, I was going back and forth to add you. I love love your blog and it is a must read. I was trying to find a specific seo feed section of your site. Do you have one you can point me too..if not I will just add your full feed. Without good content whats the point of SEO right.

    • Tad Chef says:

      +1, I consider Copyblogger to be an SEO blog. With content creation moving to the top of the SEO agenda Copyblogger is even more an SEO blog today than ever.

  4. This is an amazing labor of love. But, if you read all these blogs, how do you get any SEO work done? Snagging the @seo handle is (and I never use this word) awesome!

  5. Mike Clark says:

    Excellent list. I read quite a few of these blogs on a daily basis and now can subscribe to 1 rss and get them all.

    I’d recommend adding to your list


  6. Florian says:

    Hi and thanks for this list, it’s a great idea and some of them were not in my feedreader a few minutes ago. ;)

  7. Mitch Monsen says:

    I would like to humbly submit my SEO blog to the list;

    I blog about SEO quite frequently and people seem to like it. :)

  8. Lee Odden says:

    I did a list like this about 5 years ago called the TopRank BIGLIST.

    And Aaron Wall of SEOBook did one a few years before that.

    What would be handy with this list is a custom search engine that only queries the content of the feeds you’ve listed. Todd Malicoat did that with my BIGLIST and I found it to be pretty useful. Cheers.

  9. Just a shameless promotion for my blog on the intersection of SEO, Content Strategy and Content marketing–the companion to the book Audience, Relevance and Search: Targeting Web Audiences with Relevant Content


  10. I agree with Natha and I disagree with Aaron and the above noted comment that the list was not complete. I was very much impressed with the Ultimate SEO Blog List. There will always be others out there; I recognize a few of them and I know how valuable their content is and the reach of their audiences.

    I like the alphabetical order but I am so used to ‘lists’ being ordered via Google PageRank or some other metric of link popularity or measure of authority – that would be nice too, but it would be a lot or work.


    Daniel Tetreault.
    Victoria, BC – Canada.

  11. Mike says:

    Great list best for the SEOS

  12. Submitshop says:

    Great list, i read many of these daily and this is nice list

  13. Tad Chef says:

    Hey Robin,

    thank you for putting me twice on this magnificent list with SEO 2.0 and SEOptimise. Also consider my third SEO blog for it:
    I’m a serial blogger.

  14. What a nice way to end my crummy week!! Thanks for including us in this list. We had the pleasure of being on Lee’s Top Rank a few years ago, & I’ll admit we were disappointed he didn’t do it again. It’s not easy I’m sure but when you consider the competition out there how else can small unknown blogs get visitors?

    It’s a pleasure to see that these blogs are doing their best and getting recognition. Granted it’s not like we’re all going to retire tomorrow (even though some of us could) not sure any of us would. We love what we do and appreciate the support we get back from the community. In closing I agree with Aaron he’s added some good blogs for the list.

  15. Rebecca Gill says:

    Great list. I follow about 30 of these blogs, so you just gave me 70 more. Excellent.

  16. Great article,here in Brasil we have with good articles too.

  17. Eric Enge says:

    Focus is on interviews of leading search industry figures.

  18. Great list, and definitely going to add several to my RSS Feed Reader. Feel free to check out my blog over at It is currently on page 1 for the term “Web marketing” so should lend some credibility :)

  19. I make every effort, to keep the content current and relevant, for my loyal SEO/SEM readers:

  20. Koozai says:

    Awesome list, can you please include Sure we will be adding in more blogs today. I will include this section fo your blog

  21. This is a great list, but I’m with @Nicolette. How can you read this many blogs every day and still have time to actually DO seo? I’m curious to know what criteria you used, and I’d love to see you rank this list to see who you choose as the top 20, or top 50, for instance.

  22. Kent says:

    I am following some of them, the best is Bruce Clay SEO Blog, very informational and useful seo! :)

  23. Excellent Post! Since Google acquired PostRank and I’ve installed the Chrome extension into Google Reader, it will be interesting to see how the SEO guys stack up against each other.

    Your Master RSS Feed for all of these was a GREAT maneuver too! Saved me 100x clicks to feed their RSS into my Google Reader, strong work!

    WordPress SEO Results Tips as well as How to Monetize Social Media Marketing might be a contender for a future revised Top 100 SEO Blog.

  24. Ken Jansen says:

    Nice job. Great list. I have read many of them but at least 25-40 (including the SEO blogs added in the comments) are new to me. So much fascinating reading! Thanks.

  25. Susanne says:

    Thanks a lot. Very excellent list.

  26. Some great SEO resources here. We provide our own SEO tips and resources on our blog too – :-)

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  28. Great list. I learn a lot by following the links on it. Greetings :)

  29. Xstroy says:

    Thank you for your work. I am Russian and I can read only the most famous Seo-blogs. You are given the opportunity to read those of whom I was not yet known. In Seo need to be ahead of, or trampled.

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  31. Caleb says:

    I love this list you provided. This is sure to help any newcomers not waste any of their time weeding out the good and bad seo blogs. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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