Improve your rankings naturally with organic SEO

Does the thought of a search engine audit make you cringe? Stop living in fear and start leveraging the power of White Hat SEO before it’s too late.

Yellow Robin has developed White Hat SEO techniques that help you acquire tons of targeted backlinks and increase rankings by producing high quality content. Our organic SEO packages produce permanent topically relevant backlinks that grow each month.

What You Get:

  • Free Strategy Sessions
  • Free Keyword Research
  • Free Website review
  • Free Web Page SEO Training
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Cancelation Fees
  • No Contracts
  • Unique Relevant Content Created Each Month
  • Creation of many Web 2.0 Accounts
  • Distribution of Unique Content to Your Web 2.0 Accounts
  • Creation of Topical Authority Hubs
  • Effective Link Building Strategy for Interlinking Your Web 2.0 Accounts

How It Works

Free SEO Review

Before we create your content we meet with you to discuss your goals and select which keywords will bring you the best ROI. With traditional link building you focus all your efforts on a handful of keywords. Organic SEO enables you to target an almost unlimited amount of keywords at the same time through content marketing. After your free strategy session we will do extensive keyword research, also free of charge, to help you build a large list of keywords to promote.

Once your keyword list is set our talented team of writers produces unique content for each of your keywords. You can choose packages ranging from 7 premium pieces of content per month, all the way up to over 50. After you approve your new content our staff creates accounts at various Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo and uploads your content. These accounts belong to you. You will be given an excel file with the username and password to each account. Our organic SEO specialists develop a plan to effectively interlink your new accounts so they promote one another as well as your main site.

By grouping your accounts around similar sets of keywords we can create Authority Hubs for your best keywords. Each of your hubs will have backlinks from other relevant Web 2.0 sites

How we are different

We offer a premium service that utilizes talented writers and experienced SEMs. Your content isn't written offshore. We don't use article spinners; all of your content is unique. Each piece of content we create provides actual valuable information for human readers as well as search engines. Our content is typically 750 words or more, not simply spamy blurbs written for SEO and not your customers. If you are looking for high quality content and a seasoned SEO staff you have come to the right place.

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